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Business Events Bidding Process, Strategies & Financial Management

Business Events Bidding Process, Strategies & Financial Management

About Business Events Bidding

The bidding process in business events can feel like a daunting challenge. From finding the perfect tender to writing the bid, it can be tricky to know where to start.

Prior to writing the bid, you need to understand the world of bidding, different categories and types of bid, business events value chain, stakeholder roles and also the process of bidding in fundamental level with one success story of business events bidding.

This module was prepared by MACEOS Star Coach – Mdm. Gracie, who has more than 4 decades’ work and executive experience in the hospitality, tourism, marketing, hotel and event management industry.

Gracie Veronica Geikie – Director / Principal Consultant

Gracie has more than 40 years’ work and executive experience in the hospitality, tourism, marketing, hotel and event management industry allowing her to bring forth valuable input and advice in entrepreneurial business management concepts, operational restructures as well as research and survey analysis for the related fields of hospitality, tourism and marketing.

She holds an MBA major in Tourism & Hospitality Management as well as a Master in Business Administration. Gracie is a certified PSMB Trainer as well as a certified Professional Conference Management trainer for MACEOS. As a Tourism and Event Management Consultant and Trainer, her main areas cover bid documentations and workshop trainings, bid presentations, tourism related research, PCO management & operations and events management. Her business experience and career from 1975 till date have covered airline stewarding, hotel operations and pre-openings, travel and event operations, entrepreneurial set ups in education, tourism and hospitality. Gracie served in the Sarawak Government with the Sarawak Tourism Board as CEO (2005 to 2009) and Associate Dean of UCSI University Sarawak (2009 to 2014).

What you’ll learn from this exciting super deal?
Introduction to Business Events Bidding
  • The World of Bidding
  • Categories and Types of Bid
  • Business Events Value Chain
  • Professional Conference Organiser and Role
  • Bid Process
Strategy in Business Events Bidding
  • Preparing the Bid Business Case
  • The Winning Tactics
  • Bidding for Association Meetings & Conferences
  • Source of Conference Business
Financial Management for Events
  • Fundamentals of Convention Finance
  • Creating the Event Budget
  • Managing the Event Budget
  • Breakeven Analysis in Events
  • Sources of Revenue for Events
  • Miscellaneous Funding Sources for Events

3 Success Bidding Stories