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ROS NUMBER: PPM-001-10-17121990


(1) The Association shall be known as



Hereinafter referred to as “the Association”.


(2) Meaning of name:

  1. An Organiser shall be a professional Convention or Exhibition Organiser, registered in Malaysia, who is involved in the conceptual stage to the final implementation of an event on a commercial basis.
  2. A supplier shall be a company registered in Malaysia who provides all other supporting products and/or services to an organiser or an event.
  3. Any organisation that is registered in Malaysia who provides products/services to the Meetings, Incentives, Convention and Exhibition and Business Events industry, hereinafter referred to as “MICE”


(3) Level: Lain-lain


(1) The registered address is


or at such other place as may from time to time be decided by the Committee; and the postal address is



(2) The registered and postal addresses shall not be changed without the prior approval of the Registrar of Societies.


(1) The purpose of the Association is to pursue the following objectives;

      1. To promote and encourage an orderly growth of the MICE industry.
      2. To encourage and maintain high ethical standards of business conduct and professionalism generally by those directly or indirectly engaged in MICE organising and supplies.
      3. To protect and advance the interests of members of the Association.
      4. To promote and encourage fair and equitable trading, conduct and condition within the MICE organising and supplying industry and the cooperation of members in all matters of mutual interest.
      5. To represent the industry generally in relation to or dealings with any governmental or quasi-governmental bodies or association, federation or agency, press or other media of communication and others having dealing with or any interest in the MICE industry.
      6. To provide information and professional advice to members and others free of cost or on such terms as may be thought fit regarding matters relating to conduct and rights and obligations of all kinds.
      7. To collect information and statistics on subjects on the industry which is likely to prove useful to members of the Association in the conduct of its affairs and to develop within the industry means of technical education.
        1. The Association shall be allowed to invest its cash in the bank into investment plans, which may include but are not limited to bonds, mutual funds, and comparable opportunities, provided that such investments comply with relevant regulations at the Executive Committee’s sole discretion.
        2. To establish a commercial division, with the purpose of providing services to the members and industry, which shall be to pursue potential commercial ventures that align with the Association’s objectives. This commercial division may engage in any legitimate activity, adhere to Malaysian law and establish measures to prioritise the Association’s interests.



There shall be three categories of members namely: Ordinary Member, Associate Member and Individual Member.


(1) Ordinary Member

  1. Ordinary membership is opened to all companies. enterprises, associations and societies who are organisers, suppliers and or organisations within the definition presented in Clause 1(2)(i), Clause 1(2)(ii) and Clause 1(2)(iii) and provided that they meet the criteria of membership laid down by the Executive Committee and amended from time to time.
  2. The applicant must be a company or enterprise, association or society registered with the Registrar of Companies or Registrar of Societies in Malaysia.
  3. They shall comply with the following criteria:
    1. Have been in the industry for at least continuously one (1) year;
    2. Have previously organised or collaborated in the organisation of at least three MICE events
    3. Have or is organising or collaborating more than one MICE event scheduled for the next 12 (twelve) months
    4. The Management team shall have credible track records in the MICE industry.
  4. The applicant shall not be a company or any of its directors, shall never have been declared bankrupt, insolvent or instituted voluntary liquidation.


The Executive Committee of MACEOS may waive any of the above requirements at their discretion.


(2) Associate Member

There will be four (4) categories for Associate Membership.

  1. It is opened to all companies, enterprises and associations involved in the MICE industry who do not meet the criteria for Ordinary Membership at the point of application. These members can be recognised as Ordinary Members once they qualify the criteria of Ordinary Members as stipulated in Clause 4(A)(1)(iii).
  2. It is opened to all Associations which are affiliated with the MICE industry. Membership is by invitation only and on a contra basis in annual subscription with said applicant Association.
  3. It is opened to any companies, enterprises or associations who are non-MICE related.
  4. It is opened to all foreign companies, enterprise and Associations lawfully established or incorporated under the laws of a country other than Malaysia.


(3) Individual Member

  1. Individual Membership is opened to individuals who are related or have interest in the MICE industry residing in Malaysia and subject to minimum qualification criteria as specified by the Executive Committee.
  2. All Associate and Individual Members shall enjoy the same privileges accorded to Ordinary Members except that:
    1. They may not vote or stand for election at any position at any General Meeting.
    2. They may not be entitled to such privileges of the Association as determined by the Executive Committee from time to time.
    3. Provided always that Associate Members or Individual Members when they satisfy clause 4(A)(1)(ii) or 4(A)(1)(iii) hereof, may apply to be Ordinary Members (as applicable) by paying the applicable entrance fee and annual subscription fee prevailing less the amount paid by them on being admitted as Associate Members or Individual Members.




(1) Application for membership shall be made in writing to the Honorary Secretary on the prescribed form provided for the purpose and attached with examples of printed matter from previous or future MICE events.


(2) The application must be approved by the Executive Committee by simple majority. No reason is needed to be given by the Executive Committee for refusal of membership.


(3) A cheque for the prescribed Entrance Fee and one year’s Annual Subscription must accompany the application.



(1) All Ordinary members are entitled to enjoy all the privileges and benefits conferred on members of MACEOS or by any other organisation with which MACEOS is affiliated or associated with.


(2) Associate and Individual Members shall, similarly, except when specifically excluded, be entitled to enjoy the same privileges accorded to Ordinary Members. However, they will have no voting rights.


(3) All Members shall be entitled to receive notice of meetings by post or electronic mail at the Executive Committee’s sole discretion, to attend and speak at the general meetings of the Association and attend any other meetings and events arranged and invited by the Executive Committee.


(4) Only representatives of Ordinary Members are entitled to vote and hold office in the Association. An Ordinary Member is entitled to send one representative to attend its general meeting.


(5) The rights and privileges of a member shall not be capable of being transferred (save where there has been a bona fide re-organisation of the business of a member not occasioned by insolvency) and shall cease upon a member ceasing to be a member so that no such person shall be entitled to any refund of entrance or membership fee paid by him nor by himself nor any success or


(1) A member shall cease to be a member by either of the following actions:

  1. Resignation by registered letter from the member to the Honorary Secretary
  2. Dissolution of the member organisation if it goes into liquidation
  3. Non-payment of fees within the prescribed period of three months after the same became due
  4. Continued failure to act upon MACEOS correspondence.


(2) Loss of membership shall be notified by the Executive Committee to the member concerned.


(3) A member in default of paying annual subscription for three months, shall be deemed to have resigned from membership or at the discretion of the Executive Committee, be suspended from membership and shall receive no benefits from MACEOS until their subscription have been paid in full. They shall also be disqualified from holding any office in MACEOS and shall not be entitled to vote or attend all general meetings.


(4) A member ceasing to be a member shall remain liable to the Association for any membership fee for which shall be liable at the date of his ceasing to be a member and which shall remain unpaid notwithstanding the termination of his membership.


(5) A former member may rejoin by making an application to the Honorary Secretary and upon acceptance pay the appropriate entrance fees and annual subscription.


(1) The Entrance Fee and Annual Subscription for members shall be as follows:

  1. Entrance Fee: Ordinary and Associate Members, except Individual Members and invited Associations shall pay RM1200.00.
  2. Annual Subscription
    • Ordinary Member – RM1200.00
    • Associate Member – RM 800.00
    • Individual Member – RM 300.00


(2) The Annual Subscription shall be payable annually on or before 31 January.


(3) The funds of the Association shall be under the control of the Executive Committee who shall cause an account to be opened with a bank in Kuala Lumpur in the name of the Association into which all monies belonging to the Association shall be paid and all cheques drawn on the said account shall be signed by the President or Vice-President and counter-signed by the Honorary Treasurer.


(4) An entrance fee and/or annual subscription sum, to be determined by the Executive Committee, shall be payable by each Ordinary, Associate, and Individual member. Every member shall promptly pay its subscription and any other monies due and payable to the Association on due dates.


(5) The Executive Committee shall be empowered to adjust the rate of the annual subscription without prior reference to an Annual General Meeting. All such changes in subscription shall be notified in writing to the members by the Honorary Secretary three (3) months before they come into effect with the proviso that any amendment shall not involve refunding of the subscriptions already levied.


(1) A General Meeting shall be held at least once a year as soon as possible after the close of the financial year but not later than the month of May.


(2) All other General Meetings of the members shall be called Extraordinary General Meetings.


(3) An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Association shall be convened:

  1. Whenever the Executive Committee deems it desirable, or

  2. At the joint request in writing of not less than one-third of the registered Ordinary Members, stating the objectives and reasons for such meeting.


(4) An Extraordinary General Meeting requisitioned by the registered Ordinary Members shall be convened for a date within Thirty (30) days of the receipts of such requisition.


(5) A minimum of fourteen (14) days notice of every Annual General Meeting and every Extraordinary General Meeting shall be sent by post or electronic mail at the Executive Committee’s sole discretion, to each member specifying the day, the time, the location of the meeting and the business to be transacted thereat. In the case of an Annual General Meeting, a copy of the audited annual accounts of the previous year shall be attached.


(5.1) Nominations for the election of Executive Committee shall be forwarded to the Honorary Secretary by post or electronic mail, subject to the Executive Committee’s sole discretion not later than seven (7) clear days before the date fixed for the Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting.


(6) The business of the Association’s Annual General Meeting shall be:

  1. To receive the Executive Committee’s Report and Audited Accounts for the previous year together with the Auditors’ Report thereon and if approved, to pass them.

  2. To hold election of office bearers in the Executive Committee, once every two years.

  3. To transact any other business of which not less than seven (7) clear days’ notice have been deposited in writing to the Honorary Secretary by post or electronic mail.


(7) For all General Meetings, the quorum shall be one third of the total registered Ordinary Members, or twice the Executive Committee members, whichever is the lesser.


(7.1) At any meeting of the Association a resolution put to the vote of the meeting shall be decided on by way of any combination of the following:

  1. a ballot paper;

  2. a show of hands;

  3. an electronic voting approved by the Executive Committee which must be cast through the physical attendance of Members or Proxies at the meeting; or
  4. an electronic voting and virtual meeting platform approved by the Executive Committee must be cast through physical and/or virtual attendance of Members or Proxies at the meeting.


(8) If within half an hour from the time appointed for the General Meeting a quorum is not present, the meeting shall be adjourned to the same day in the next week, at the same time and place or at such other time and place as the chairman shall appoint.


(9) If at such adjourned meeting, a quorum is not present after half an hour from the time fixed for the meeting, the registered Ordinary Members present shall have the power to proceed with the business of the meeting, but they shall not have the power to amend, alter or modify the Constitution, or to make any decision affecting the whole membership.


(1) The administrative and executive body of the Association shall be an Executive Committee of seventeen (17) members elected by the members at an Annual General Meeting, and ex-officio. The Executive Committee shall consist of the following:

  1. The President
  2. Four (4) Vice Presidents
    1. One (1) Vice President – Innovation
    2. One (1) Vice President – Development
    3. One (1) Vice President – Education
    4. One (1) Vice President – Advocacy
  3. An Honorary Secretary
  4. An Honorary Treasurer
  5. Ten (10) Ordinary Committee Members
  6. Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) shall be an ex-officio member who has no voting rights.


(2) The Immediate Past President shall be a member of the Executive Committee, but he/she shall not have any voting rights at the Executive Committee meetings. This post shall be filled by the President of the outgoing Executive Committee for one (1) term of office. The post of Immediate Past President shall remain vacant until the term of office of the incoming Executive Committee expires.


(2.1) The Executive Committee may appoint the past President(s) to be the Honorary President(s) of MACEOS.

  1. The Honorary President’s term of office shall be the same as to the newly elected Executive Committee.
  2. The Honorary President(s) may attend all meetings convened by the Executive Committee, but no voting rights shall be conferred in the aforesaid meetings


(3) All elected office bearers, except the President and Treasurer, will serve a two (2) year term and be eligible for re-election each term.


(4) The President may serve not more than three (3) consecutive terms only and be eligible for re-election after a lapse of one (1) term.


(5) The Treasurer may serve two (2) consecutive terms only and be eligible for reelection after a lapse of one (1) term.


(6) The office bearers of the Association and every officer performing executive functions in the Association shall be Malaysian citizens or non-Malaysians with a valid work permit.


(7) The election of the members of the Executive Committee shall be by secret ballot at the alternate Annual General Meeting.


(8) Each Ordinary Member shall have one (1) vote for each post for the election of the officers.


(9) A member may appoint a proxy to vote at any General Meeting in his/her place, and the instrument appointing the proxy shall be in writing under the hand of the appointee and deposited with the Honorary Secretary by post or electronic mail at the Executive Committee’s sole discretion twenty-four (24) hours before the meeting. No member shall hold more than one (1) proxy at any one time.


(10) Nominees for the election must have served at least one (1) term (2 years) as an Ordinary Committee Member before being eligible to be elected to the post of President, Vice-President, Honorary Secretary or Honorary Treasurer.


(11) The Executive Committee shall be empowered to co-opt or invite the attendance of any person, whether a member or not, to attend any of its meetings, but such person shall have no right to vote.


(12) The Executive Committee may appoint sub-committees for any purpose arising out of or connected with any of the duties, functions and aims laid down under the Constitution. Any member may become members of the sub-committees.


(12.1) The Executive Committee may establish Chapters of the Association within Malaysia to look into the interest of members in the specific region which it believes will assist or further the aims of the Association. The Executive Committee shall define the region and sanctioned area of focus and activities to be undertaken by the said regional Chapter, the following shall apply:

  1. The Chairperson of the respective regional chapters will be identified and appointed by the Executive Committee and will have the following responsibilities:
    1. To be the liaison person between the state authorities and MACEOS
    2. To identify and encourage industry players to join the Association
    3. To organise industry activities in the respective regions
    4. To update and report to the main Committee of the activities and progress on regular basis
  2. The Executive Committee may set aside funds at its discretion to assist in the founding or working of any such Chapters.
  3. The Executive Committee shall have the rights to regulate the proceedings of the Chapter and require reports of proceedings of the Chapter to be submitted to the Executive Committee as and when it deems necessary.
  4. The Executive Committee shall have the continuing rights to set such terms and conditions pertaining to any aspect of the said Chapter.
  5. The Executive Committee shall have the power to suspend or dissolve the said Chapter as and when it deems appropriate and/or necessary.


(13) The Executive Committee shall meet at least once every three months and seven (7) days notice of each meeting shall be given to the members. The President acting alone, or not less than three of its members acting together may call for a meeting of the Committee to be held at any time. At least one half of the Executive Committee members must be present for the proceedings to be valid and to constitute a quorum.


(14) The Executive Committee may, at its discretion, appoint staff for such period at such remuneration and on such conditions as may from time to time be determined to carry out the administration of the Association under the direction of the President or Honorary Secretary.


(15) The Executive Committee may also, at its discretion, appoint a Chief Executive Officer for such period at such remuneration and on such conditions as determined to give directions towards the achievement of the organisation’s mission, strategy and its goals and objectives.



(i) Except for the post of Immediate Past President, when the post of President, Vice President, Honorary Secretary or Honorary Treasurer becomes vacant, the Executive Committee may, at its discretion, appoint an elected Ordinary Committee Member to fill the vacancy until the term of office of the Executive Committee expires, subject to the approval of a majority of the Executive Committee present at the Executive Committee Meeting. It shall be filled within thirty (30) days. Should the post unable to be filled, it will remain vacant until the term of office of the Executive Committee expires.

(ii) Should an elected Ordinary Committee Member leave the employ, the organisation of the particular Ordinary Member shall nominate another representative within its organisation within fourteen (14) days to join the Executive Committee. Such representative shall be a company director, shareholder, partner or employee, where the employee shall hold a senior management position in the organisation. Should the post unable to be filled, the Executive Committee shall then appoint an Ordinary Member to fill the vacancy, subject to the approval of a majority of the Executive Committee present at the Executive Committee meeting.


(17) The Executive Committee shall direct the affairs of the Association during the interval between General Meetings and shall conduct the Annual General Meeting until its adjournment at which time the newly elected Executive Committee and its officers shall assume office.


(1) The President

  1. The position of the President must be filled by a Malaysian citizen.
  2. The President shall preside at all Executive Committee Meetings, General Meetings and public functions of MACEOS.
  3. The President may delegate all or any part of his duties to the Vice-President. However, all documents legally binding the Association must bear the signature of the President jointly with that of one of the office bearers.
  4. In the event of a hung decision at Executive Committee meetings or General Meetings, the President shall have the deciding vote.
  5. The President shall not hold office for more than three (3) consecutive terms.


(2) The Vice President – The Vice President shall assist the President in the execution of his duties and deputise for him whenever necessary.


(3) The Honorary Secretary – The Honorary Secretary shall:

  1. Take charge of all non-financial records and correspondences of the Association.
  2. Prepare and keep Minutes of the Executive Committee Meetings and of the Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings.
  3. Prepare and dispatch notices of meetings.
  4. Present application forms from candidates for membership.
  5. Prepare agendas for all meetings.
  6. Assist the President in producing an annual report of the Association’s activities, which shall be approved by the Executive Committee and submit to the Annual General Meeting.
  7. Prepare and publish a periodical newsletter.
  8. Keep a register of members and their addresses and business affiliations.
  9. Cause a copy of the Rules and Constitutions of the Association to be sent to all members.


(4) The Honorary Treasurer – The Honorary Treasurer shall:

  1. Keep and maintain all accounts of MACEOS.
  2. Receive or pay on behalf of the Association all income arising from:
    1. Subscription of members;
    2. Revenue from organised events and functions;
    3. Donations, etc.
  3. Pay all monies received into the banking account of the Association. Treasurer shall at any given time be allowed to retain a petty cash of RM1,000.00.
  4. Sign all cheques in conjunction with the President or Vice President of MACEOS.
  5. Prepare and submit the financial report, on behalf of the Executive Committee for the year, at the Annual General Meeting. In the event of the Executive Committee going out of office before the completion of its term of office, the Treasurer of the outgoing Executive Committee shall close all its accounts and submit on its behalf a financial report covering its period of office to the Treasurer of the incoming Executive Committee within four weeks.
  6. Submit the accounts to the auditors at least four weeks before the Annual General Meeting.
  7. Keep a record of all members in arrears of subscriptions or other monies due to MACEOS, and
  8. Not to hold office for more than two (2) consecutive terms.


(5) Ordinary Committee Members – Ordinary Committee Members shall perform such duties and exercise such powers as may be assigned to them by the Executive Committee


(6) Should an Executive Committee Member be unable to attend a called meeting, he/she must give a written reason to the Honorary Secretary or nominate a representative who holds at least the position of a manager (or above) in his/her organisation to attend on his/her behalf.


(7) Any Executive Committee who is absent from three (3) consecutive meetings without duly accepted reason shall be deemed to have resigned and the vacancy shall be filled by the Executive Committee from any Ordinary members of the same category.


(1) Subject to the following provisions in this rules, the funds of the Association may be expended for the purpose necessary for the carrying out of its objects, including the expenses of its office-bearers and paid staff, and the audit of its accounts, but they shall on no account be used to pay the fine of any member who may be convicted in a court of law.


(2) The Treasurer may hold a petty cash advance not exceeding RM1000.00 at any one time. All money in excess of this sum shall within seven days of receipt be deposited in a bank approved by the Committee. The bank account shall be in the name of the Association.


(3) All cheques or withdrawal notices on the Association’s account shall be signed jointly by the President or in his absence, the Vice President and the Treasurer.


(4) No expenditure exceeding RM1,000.00 at any one time shall be incurred without the prior sanction of the Executive Committee. Expenditure less than RM1,000.00 at any one time may be approved by the President or Vice President together with the Treasurer.


(5) The financial year of the Association shall commence on the 1st January and end on the 31 December every year


(1) Two (2) auditors shall be elected from and by the Ordinary Members and they shall audit the accounts of each financial year or at such other time as the Executive Committee may require, and shall present their reports to the next Annual General Meeting.


(2) The two (2) auditors shall not be eligible for re-election after two (2) terms.


(3) Where necessary, the Executive Committee shall have the power to appoint a firm of accountants at the Annual General Meeting to audit the accounts of MACEOS.


(1) The immovable properties of the Association shall be registered in the name of the Association and all the instruments relating to the properties shall be as valid and effective as if they had been executed by three (3) office bearers of the Association for the time being, that is President, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer whose appointments are authenticated by a certificate of the Registrar and sealed with the Association seal.


(2) The Property shall not be sold, transferred or changed without the consent and authority of a general meeting of the Association members.


(1) Between annual general meetings the Executive Committee shall interpret the rules of the Association and when necessary, determine any point on which the rules are silent.


(2) Except where they are contrary to or inconsistent with the policy previously laid down by the general meeting, the decisions of the Executive Committee shall be binding on all members of the Association unless and until countermanded by a resolution of a general meeting.


(1) The Association may appoint such advisory boards as it deems necessary and may make rules relating to the appointment and removal of members from such boards.


(2) The board should comprises not more than seven (7) members, inclusive of one (1) patron external to the Association and the MACEOS Past President(s), appointed by the Association upon proposal of the President, having independence and competence, as well as high integrity and reputation. The person appointed must give his/her consent in writing. Each such appointment is to continue until terminated by the person concerned or the Executive Committee.


(3) The overall composition of the board aims to reflect an adequately broad range of expertise and have no voting rights.


(1) No illegal or immoral practices shall be permitted on the premises of the Association.


(2) The Association shall not hold any lottery, whether confined to its members or not, in the name of the Association or its office-bearers or members.


(3) Neither the Association nor its members shall attempt to restrict or in any other manner interfere with the trade or prices or engage in any Trade Union activities as defined in the Trade Union Act 1959.


(4) “Benefits” as mentioned under Section 2 of the Societies Acts 1966 shall not be given by the Association to any of its members.


(5) The funds of the Association shall not be used to pay the fines or legal fees of members who have been convicted in a court of law.


(1) The Rules and Constitution may be altered, added to, rescinded or otherwise varied or amended by a resolution passed by a two-third majority of those present and voting at any General Meeting.


(2) Notice of motion of any such amendment must be forwarded to the Honorary Secretary by post or electronic mail at the Executive Committee’s sole discretion at least seven (7) days prior to the date of the Meeting. Amendments to Rules shall be submitted to the Registrar of Societies within sixty (60) days from the date of its being duly approved by the General Meeting.


(3) Any amendments or alteration to these Rules and Constitution will take effect from the date of approval by the Registrar of Societies, Malaysia.


(1) The Association may be voluntarily dissolved by a resolution of not less than two thirds of the membership present in a general meeting.


(2) In the event of the Association being dissolved as provided above, all debts and liabilities legally incurred on its behalf shall be fully discharged, and the remaining funds shall be disposed of in such manner as may be decided upon by a general meeting.


(3) Notice of dissolution shall be forwarded to the Registrar of Societies within fourteen (14) days of its dissolution.


(1) Flag

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(2) Logo




‘MACEOS’ is an abbreviation of ‘Malaysian Association of Convention & Exhibition Organisers & Suppliers’ and the blue symbolises trust and integrity of the Association. This clean and engaging typography logo simply indicating MACEOS is associated with confidence, knowledge and stability. The word Malaysia depict the Association as the national association of country and the voice of Business Events Industry in Malaysia.


For a complete guide to usage and elements of MACEOS logo, please refer to the official MACEOS Logo Guidelines.


(3) Badge

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(1) MACEOS may seek affiliation with or become member of or enter into agreement with any organisation which MACEOS considers to be in the interest of its members.

MACEOS Constitution:

Version as of 28 June 2023