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Event Tech Provider Packages and Offers

“For MACEOS By MACEOS” is a campaign designed to encourage innovation and adoption of event technology among the members of the association, MACEOS.


As part of this campaign, event tech suppliers who are members of MACEOS are encouraged to offer discounts and attractive packages to event organisers in order to promote the use of innovative technology in the events industry.


The goal of this campaign is to help event organizers take advantage of the latest event technology and to support the development of new and innovative solutions within the industry. By working together, MACEOS and its members can drive the adoption of event tech and help create a more efficient, successful, and engaging event experience for all.


Please share your company and product details together with your offers, discounts, etc. below. We will be compiling them to create the catalogue for the launch of this campaign in January 2023.
For more information, please get in touch with MACEOS Secretariat
Malaysian Association of Convention & Exhibition Organisers & Suppliers:


Ms. Holiday Tan