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Lee Yew Fai (LEE Mark)

Total Event Management Trainer

LEE YEW FAI (known as LEE Mark)


Certified PSMB Trainer: TTT/23157


Beginning with humble roots, The Hot Shoe Show & Co. Sdn. Bhd., or more commonly known as HotShoes started out as a dance troupe back in the late 80’ and grew according to the market’s demand for professional and reliable event management services. From there, the company has grown by leaps and bounds, gaining both local and worldwide recognition for its accomplishments in the events industry.


At the helm of HotShoes is Lee Mark, an entrepreneur by trade with over 32 years of experience in the creative, communications, digital performance marketing, corporate events and destination management services industry. Currently Chief Operations Officer of HotShoes, he is utterly committed to the company’s purpose and values of becoming an International Creative Event Agency. Also, he is the founder of Mindepic, a platform designed to bring together professionals & the current industry player.

Along the way, HotShoes has picked up several accreditations beginning in 2008, when the company became the first event management company in Malaysia to receive the International Standardization Organization (ISO 9001:2000) for Quality Management Systems and the Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Services (OHSAS 18001:2007). Soon after, came recognition from the renowned Malaysia Book of Records for both the former accreditations and an additional award in 2011 for a record-breaking event. Indeed, HotShoes was the first event agency to ever construct a two-tier track inside a column-less dome for its international client, Volkswagen for its ‘Das Auto’ on-ground campaign – fully conceptualized by the HotShoes team.


Whether locally or overseas, HotShoes has been awarded numerous awards, namely:

  • Silver for Excellence in Customer Engagement 2017 by Marketing Excellence Awards
  • Silver for Best Event Product/Relaunch 2016 by Marketing Event Awards
  • Bronze for Best Pop Up Store 2015 by Marketing Event Awards
  • Bronze for Best Community Services 2015 by Marketing Event Awards
  • Silver for Excellence in Integrated Marketing (B2B) 2014 by Marketing Excellence Awards
  • Silver for Best Event of Experiential Marketing Campaign 2015 by PMAA Dragon of Malaysia
  • Gold for Best Innovation Idea or Concept 2013 by PMAA Dragon of Malaysia
  • Silver for Best Event Ambience Consumer 2012 by Marketing Event Awards
  • Best Overall ICT Adoption by SME Recognition Award 2012
  • Red Cube for Local Hero Event Marketing Agency of the Year 2011 by A+M
  • Silver Cube for Event Marketing Agency of the Year 2011 by A+M
  • Finalist for the International Special Events Society (ISES) Esprit Awards


Lee Mark is conferred for Outstanding & Exemplary, the Most Promising Entrepreneurship Award in 2013 by Entreprise Asia of Malaysia.


Although HotShoes has successfully managed to carve a presence for themselves internationally, the company boasts presence and representation in cities such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Paris, Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Sydney, Macau, Myammar, Philippine, India, China, Thailand, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Singapore and many more.


Amidst all the rousing success however, it is to the next generation that Lee Mark finds his true passion. When he is not giving strategic input and direction into HotShoes’s next great event, he can be found making his contribution towards to up and coming members of the event industry. Most notably, he currently sits on the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) for Sunway University and Taylors University, and is the Vice President – Event Management of the Malaysian Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers (MACEOS).