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President’s Message

Francis Teo

It is with great honour that I accept this position as President of MACEOS. I realise what a great responsibility it is to lead the association, especially during this challenging time. However, I give you my assurance that I will fulfil the duties entrusted to me by my industry compatriots.  


I would also like to welcome and congratulate the newly-elected committee members. It is heartening to note that the team is well-balanced in age and gender, representative of the future of this industry. I trust that this team will also carry out their responsibilities well and will do their best to represent the industry. I am excited to be working alongside a team that I highly regard. 


Some say that these are strange times. Certainly, we are all navigating as best we can through this new norm. I must say that I admire the efforts of our members to quickly adapt to changes and make the best out of this challenging situation. From remodelling the business structure to pivoting in a different direction, you have all shown just how resilient you are. With limited resources and many constraints, members kept the industry moving forward. How quickly you’ve all embraced event digitalisation to create virtual events and subsequently hybrid events. There’s just no stopping any of you.


Indeed, event digitalisation will complement and be an integral part of the whole event experience. Having said that, I also believe that live events will continue to be favoured. Face-to-face experiences answer to a deep, social need of all communities. Moving forward, we will need to elevate and differentiate the live event experience. Also critical are efforts to build our own self-sufficient home-grown events so as not to be overly-dependent upon international markets.


To make all these happen, we must rely on our industry network and create a community among us where we can collaborate and partner to build up the industry.


It is timely now to revisit and strengthen the core values of MACEOS which are encapsulated in the IDEA vision. Established to lead the association towards elevating the business events industry as one of the key economic contributors of our beloved country, IDEA stands for the following:

Innovation – The way forward for the industry is through innovation. By incorporating digitalisation into our events, we can stay relevant, and indeed thrive in any situation.   

Development – Our efforts must be focused towards increasing the standard of the industry through initiatives such as our flagship BE Forum and recognising and rewarding excellence through the biennial Malaysia Business Event Awards. It is also important that we set industry best practice guidelines to further elevate the professionalism of the industry.  

Education – We must also prepare the workforce to meet international standards of business events through upskilling and education. In addition, tapping into the talents of our future generation now will ensure that our industry will continue to be served by high-calibre individuals in the future.    

Advocacy – Constant engagement with internal and external stakeholders, especially government agencies and local and international counterparts, are important to strengthen our industry.     


Thus, I urge all members to take the essence of IDEA as their true north as we navigate through the business events industry. I would also like to advocate a personal ideology which I’ve relied upon, i.e. TEAM — Together, Everyone Achieves More!


Let’s join hands and work together for the benefit of everyone in this beautiful industry! I am optimistic that we will continue to persevere and emerge from this situation, a much stronger and resilient industry. 


Francis Teo