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#Save Our Convention Centres

What is the objective of the #SaveOurConventionCentres Campaign?
  • Draw the public’s attention to the need and importance for convention centres (and other venues) to survive.
  • Call for the Government to allow Business Events (B.E.) to take place regardless of MCO levels with strict control.
  • Reach out to the Government to work with industry players to sustain the domestic economy and instil confidence for future international visitors.  
How did this Campaign come about? 
  • The first touchpoint – convention centres are national icons that are struggling, and the temporary closing of the country’s latest and largest exhibition centre is a major dent.
  • Business loss by entire industry players and other challenges such as retaining employees.
  • The gradual opening by other industry players such as domestic tourism but B.E. is left behind.
What does this Campaign entail? (campaign mechanics)
  • A digital movement with the participation of B.E. industry members to unite as one voice and create awareness on the current state of B.E.
  • All participants will wear the #SaveOurConventionCentres campaign T-shirt, take a photo of themselves in front of a convention centre or in their offices.
  • Share the image on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn hashtagging #SaveOurConventionCentres #SaveBusinessEventsMalaysia #MACEOS
  • The point of the exercise is to garner the attention of the relevant authorities and give a face and voice to the people who work in the BE ecosystem before we roll out the second phase of the campaign which is #SaveBusinessEventsMalaysia 



Does the Campaign only target convention centres, or is this a plea for the whole of B.E. industry?
The Campaign starts with convention centres as most business events are held in convention centres. MKN approves SOPs centred around convention centres as the physical space is a known variable and therefore measurable. Without convention centres re-opening, professional exhibition and conference organisers, event management companies, meeting planners, stand contractors, audiovisual & lighting, event tech suppliers, specialists logistics, destination management companies, hotels and more continue to bear losses as clients move away from physical events.

What is the end goal of the Campaign?
To present our B.E. updated and enhanced SOPs to MKN to:-

  • Refine the steps to be in line with MKN and local authorities in tackling the pandemic.
  • Allow B.E. to take place at different alert levels of MCO while adhering to different levels of SOPs – to kick start the industry again!

For our government to recognise that B.E. is essential to help the recovery of Malaysia’s economy.

How will this Campaign impact our industry?
This Campaign is just the starting point. The first step of this Campaign is uniting industry players by all of us coming together to call for attention towards B.E. It is the starting point for authorities to understand the importance of B.E. deeper and include B.E. in the national economic development plan – 12th RMK (Twelfth Malaysia Plan, 2021-2025). B.E. can accelerate our fellow SMEs to recover.  When the world is ready to travel again, we are prepared to receive the foreign arrivals, and the attendees are confident in attending B.E. in Malaysia.
What is the long-term sustainability of this Campaign, and what is the next step?
Through this Campaign, we hope to:
  • Strengthen relationship with multiple authorities that can support the industry besides MOTAC such as MKN, MOF, MOH, MITI, Ministry of Territories, Immigration Department of Malaysia and more city hall and city council.
  • Awareness: we are not a standalone economy and do not solely involve tourism. Business events involves international trade, knowledge transfer, nation-building, job creation, digital contribution and nation branding as earmarked in the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP).
  • We may be putting the word out for convention centres, but MACEOS will move to be a voice for other stakeholders as well i.e. PEO, PCO, EMC, service suppliers, DMC and etc.



JOIN US! We are only starting, and it is at minimum a week-long campaign.
1. Like MACEOS LinkedIn and Facebook.
2. We will post the updates of the campaign at MACEOS social platform and # as well. Please share our posts and tag your peers, invite your stakeholders and employees to share the posts. Keep our Campaign trending on social media.

3. Order your t-shirt(s) today from MACEOS Secretariat – click here for the order form
4. Wear the t-shirt and take a selfie or group photo (wear a face mask and keep a safe distance) with your peers, share on your social media accounts for the rest of this week (15-19 December 2020). 
Watch out for the news as we will have media interviews lined up.
MACEOS PR Campaign Task Force Committees:
  • Francis Teo President
  • Dato’ Vincent Lim Immediate Past President
  • Datuk Dr. Muthiah Gandhi Vice President-Exhibition 
  • Dee Dee QuahVP-Conference & Communication Sub-Committee Chair
  • Kenneth Fong Honorary Secretary
  • Phoebe Kyo Social Media Sub-Committee Chair
  • Jaggarao Simancha Ordinary Committee Member
  • Gerard Leeuwenburgh Ordinary Committee Member