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Sustainability & Safety

This guidance serves as a set standard to ensure and promote the health and safety of any person(s) working on the ground at or visiting an event or exhibition, while at the same time ensuring that such activities do not cause any adverse impact to the environment.


Organisers and contractors are strongly recommended to place this safety guidelines (in any format) at the visible area(s) within the construction site.



Download safety guideline’s visual:


All employee, contractor and exhibitor of the organiser are responsible to:

    • Comply with these guidelines (without compromise unless allowed otherwise by Event Director or any equivalent), the organiser’s Health and Safety policy and relevant local laws regarding health safety and the environment;
    • Safeguard the health, safety and the environment of any other individual(s) who may be affected by their actions or omissions;
    • Seek for advice when doubt arises in regards to the correct action to take or the standard required;
    • Adhere to the reasonable requests / instructions of the organiser’s appointed health and safety staff and floor manager(s) or any other health and safety officer.