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Total Event Management (TEM)

Total Event Management (TEM)

Developed by industry experts, Exhibition Management Program (EMP) promises to deliver a comprehensive yet concise 3-day program on how the Exhibition Industry and its partners (service suppliers) makes it an enjoyable trip to a successful exhibition execution.


Course Objective

  • Provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the exhibition industry;
  • Expose participants to fundamental exhibition concepts and techniques;
  • Enhance understanding of various components and entities involved in the industry;
  • • Acquire knowledge and best practices to apply to current work.


Target Audience 

  1. Sales / Operations / Project Executives and Junior Managers in the Exhibition Industry who wish to continually learn to improve on their exhibition knowledge and skills;
  2. Those who want to know more about the exhibition industry specifically;
  3. Those who are not in the Business Events industry but wish to acquire the fundamental knowledge of how the exhibition industry operates and learn the management techniques related to the industry.


Expected Outcome

You would have an idea of what and how the Exhibition industry works and how everyone plays their role to ensure the exhibition takes place successfully.


Our Trainer

Lee Yew Fai (known as LEE Mark)

Certified PSMB Trainer: TTT/23157

Chief Operating Officer of The Hot Shoe Show & Co. Sdn Bhd

Course Outline


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